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Trans-Siberian railway journey planner

Connecting Europe and Asia, stretching over 9,200 kilometres through eleven time zones and countless cites on-route, travelling the «Trans-sib» is not just a way of getting there, it will change the way you see the world!

If you want to learn more about the Trans-Siberian Railway, please, read our Way to Russia Trans-Siberian Guide

There is no such train as the «Trans-Siberian express», rather a network of thousands of domestic trains crossing the continents and a small number of well known direct international trains between Russia, Mongolia and China.

For independent travellers, finding these trains let alone navigating the various railways complex rules and regulations for obtaining tickets used to be a challenge bordering on the impossible. However, planning and organising the trip just got easier with our second generation «Trans-sib» journey planner, now with integrated International Rate advisor.

First, select the date that you would like to start your journey, which city you would like to start from, where you are going to and any cities you would like to stop at on the way.

Our system will show you live train schedules, ticket classes and where possible the prices and availability for all trains between each leg.

You choose the trains you want, tell us the names of the passengers and our Trans-sib booking experts do the rest.

It really is that easy!

Your journey starts here!

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